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The Melting Knot-  Massage with a Purpose - Integrative Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release and Cupping Therapy The Melting Knot-  Massage with a Purpose - Integrative Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release and Cupping Therapy


“Phoenix is my ‘go to’ gal for all of my back and neck issues. I tried chiropractors in the past with little or no improvement. Phoenix worked on the ligaments, allowing my spine to adjust naturally. I am now pain free because of her treatments.”

– Nancy A.

“I was in town for the holidays and decided to book three sessions with Phoenix to try to work on my TMJ and hip flexor issues — boy am I glad I did! She is absolutely fantastic! After the first session I felt a HUGE difference, and my issues have only continued to improve with each visit. My only wish is I lived in Boone so I could see Phoenix on a regular basis. Highly highly recommend Phoenix! Knowledgeable, professional, and amazing at what she does!!”

– Sarah B.

“Wow, I was having pain up my arm and neck and I tried everything but could not put my finger on what was going on. I went to see Phoenix and she put her fingers right on the problem. Feel better after 2 sessions. It may not be you typical “relaxation” massage but I am very relaxed having my issue cleared up!!”

– Maria O.

“Outstanding professional, personal care for all clients. Four years knowing Phoenix has convinced me she is the best of the best. Boone…be glad you have her in your neighborhood. I travel from Charlotte to Boone for her expertise.”

– Maxine G.

“The melting knot IS Phoenix. Husband and I have been periodic regulars and will always call when in need. She takes care of problems and is a nice, fun, compassionate person.”

– Mary Ann B.

“I first saw Phoenix about a year ago with a shoulder problem. She is absolutely awesome and has helped me tremendously. Do yourself a favor and go get a massage. You will not be disappointed!”

– Dorothy B.

“Excellent – best massage I’ve ever had. Good deep work – pressure was great, pushed to threshold and moved beyond just enough to be very therapeutic. Really appreciate the attentiveness and concentration on problem areas. Much more than just relaxing, this massage was transformational!”

– Thomas E.

“Some of the best work I have ever received. Less Swedish and More direct, deep work that released my headache tension and postural misalignments. Phoenix listened to exactly what I needed and asked for and spent the whole time working on that. She seemed very knowledgeable about anatomy – techniques – pressure. Fantastic! Thank You, Thank You!”

– Melissa A.

“This was the best, most perfect for me massage that I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot) 10+++++. Thank you so much. You have an excellent career ahead!”

– Renne’ E.

“Work over all was very thorough and in-depth. Great palpation skills that are confident and precise. Phoenix really engages with wonderful use of pressure and creates nice movement within her client’s body. I loved the skin rolling.”

– Caroline W.

“Phoenix took good care of me. Excellent instincts for pressure. Very intuitive and therapeutic.”

– George T.

“Phoenix is an amazing therapeutic massage therapist with extensive neuromuscular training and expertise. She will help you feel better and heal!”

– Patti T.

“Phoenix has a gift. She was recommended by a colleague and I have been a regular customer since. I in turn have recommended her services to others. Optimizing the time for your needs and concerns is a blessing – and her ability to find points in need of attention on her own is priceless”

– Andrea M.

“Phoenix is a skilled Neuromuscular therapist, and a sincere, caring person. Based on the depth of knowledge she demonstrates in her posting to Massage Therapy group forums, I recommend her heartily to anyone in pain…..or just needing a great massage.”

– Gary A.


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